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Lonnie Knight & Barbara Meyer

The ace in the hole beyond music that we have is Barbara Meyer  and her ability to take over the stage. She sings well, writes cool songs, looks incredible, and has acting experience to top off an impressive musical resume. She does a larger than life presentation, filled with expressiveness and art. She owns the stage, no apologies, no second thoughts, just all out expression. Music is her mission. Barbara’s pedigree lists a Master’s degree in vocal performance from the University of Iowa, where she studied opera. Meyer also sang Afro-Cuban Rock as a member of Minneapolis’ seminal ensemble One World. Her musical roots further encompass Broadway show tunes, gospel, and rock & roll.  She has been compared to such vocalists as Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday, Erykah Badu, and Natalie Merchant, and draws as much critical praise for her live performances as she does for her work in the studio. Bottom line, if you enjoy genuine, home-grown artistry, you will love Barbara Meyer.

Lonnie Knight's unique blend of hard-won wisdom and kind-eyed empathy gives his writing an intimate credibility, and a redemptive grace. When he sings of "major truths in minor keys," or warns that "this old house won't stand another rain," we know not only what he means, but how he feels. So when that same soft, slightly wrinkled voice whispers that he still knows how to turn his battered life toward "Better Days," you're sure he's pointing the way for us, too. I know if you hear Lonnie's music, you'll be awed by his guitar playing; but I think you'll also be drawn to his closely observed, real-life poetry. And I'll bet you end up feeling something else, too; something that cuts to the heart of why folk music continues to thrive in these fast, noisy, and often careless times. You'll feel like you got to know someone worth knowing, someone who means the things he sings; and that in the kind, uncompromising vision of his music, you've heard a friend. - Scott Alarik - Boston Globe

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