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Barbara Meyer w/Rod Gordon

Barbara Meyer’s deep, soulful, highly pleasing voice has both a power and a gentleness that seem to spring from another time. Her cabaret-style approach is engaging and true, transporting her audience out of the ordinary. She sings with several Twin Cities jazz groups (the Barbara Meyer Trio, Phil Mattson, Imaginary Numbers, and Wild Honey) and has played such varied locales as Alexis Bailly Vineyard, Madeline Island, and European river cruise ships. She also fronts her own Barbara Meyer Band, a rootsy, reggae, habit-forming groove band that plays primarily original tunes.



“I can't say enough about Barbara. She has so much charisma and flair, and such impeccable musical taste. She respects what the songs can do and delivers them on their own terms.” –Bob, St. Paul


“Barbara has a tremendous ability to take over the stage. She sings well and has acting experience to top off an impressive musical resume. She does a larger than life presentation, filled with expressiveness and art. She owns the stage, no apologies, no second thoughts, just all out expression. Music is her mission.” – Bill, Buffalo